Date: 4/3/18 12:32 pm
From: Bob Sizoo (Ext) <thebobsizoo...>
Subject: [COBOL] Flicker drumming
I have had a flicker drumming on my TV antenna (Tumalo Reservoir Road) since March 15. He is leaving the wood siding alone, and I expect, like last year, he will attract a mate and they will be off to nest in the pines or junipers. Meanwhile, the chimney amplifies the drumming into the house and I pray nightly he will find true love soon.

I believe it was yesterday that I heard my first drumming Northern Flickers
of the season. This afternoon, I found the local guy drumming on the
streetlight in front of our house. What an amazing ritualistic experience!
I actually heard three different birds drumming over a 20-minute period,
all from our apartment on the east end of Knoll Ave., in westside Bend.
(We're now at 1509, Apt D.)

* The drumming has begun. *
Steve Shunk

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