Date: 4/3/18 10:37 am
From: Tom Wetmore <ttw4...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Northern Shrike
Doug, a quick correction. I don't deserve any credit for the shrike.

The Northern Shrike was found by Bob Murphy this morning. He relayed that information to Warren Tatro and myself when he passed first Warren and then me along the roadway. Bob is one of the few remaining "unconnected" birders so any information from Bob requires bumping into him face to face. This is a bit unfortunate because Bob is one of the best birders I know, and a steady source of good finds.

Warren got to the location first, and he refound it, grabbing me was I was heading out to the lot one platform to look for it, and rushing me back to the spot in his car.

So the bird was already third hand by the time I saw it. In the back of my mind, while scurrying to the location, was the possibility of a Loggerhead. Bob had only said "shrike", not "Northern Shrike." However the bird was indeed "just" a Northern.

Northern Shrikes used to be very regular all winter on the refuge. There used to be days where I would see as many as three and think little of it. But it is a species that, like many others, seems to dropping precipitously in numbers. Thinking back I don't believe I had seen a shrike on the refuge over the past three winters.

Tom Wetmore

> On Apr 3, 2018, at 12:43 PM, Douglas Chickering <dovekie...> wrote:
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> I got on the Northern Shrike found by Tom Wetmore this Am. It was in the highest trees on the ocean side of the road between parking lots 1 and 3
> On Plum Island.
> Doug Chickering
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