Date: 4/3/18 10:39 am
From: Stephen Shunk <steve...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] Nuthatch
I think Elise Wolf mentioned this, but Pygmy Nuthatches will occupy a small
birdbox very quickly. This typically gets them off the wooden siding, at
least for the current year. The same goes for flickers, although they need
a bigger box! You can easily find plans for these boxes online or just buy
them at Wild Birds Unlimited in Bend.

If flickers are drumming on your house, you will need to devise a more
resonant drumming surface than whatever part of the home they have chosen.
You may be able to attach a piece of sheet metal to a tree branch or trunk.
Otherwise, you may have to just rest assured that the drumming will stop in
about mid-summer!
Steve Shunk

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On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 5:02 PM, Tom Crabtree <tc...> wrote:

> Mary, it is quite common. They are notorious for pecking out the knots in
> siding so they have access to a HUGE nest cavity. Flickers will do it as
> well. Much of the time they do it for the sound it makes – chimney chases
> are hollow and the sound resonates more than a solid tree trunk. I’m sure
> our resident Woodpecker expert can chime in with more details.
> Tom Crabtree
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> Have any of you heard of a pygmy nuthatch pecking a hole in the side of a
> house? After hearing tiny pecking for 3 days, I went out to investigate,
> and found one that now has a hole the size of my little fingernail. I have
> had, and witnessed on other house, flickers doing this.
> Mary Webster
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