Date: 4/3/18 6:10 am
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Subject: Re: Bird apps
I've used iBird for many years, and it's continually improving. I'm still
on iBirdPlus, which is now $9.99 and absolutely worth it. (Had a problem
upgrading to Pro, thanks to various outdated phones, and haven't yet taken
the trouble to fix that.) There are multiple song recordings for each bird,
which now include the state location of each recording. The illustrations
are constantly improved (full-color, full-screen-sized, and field marks can
be toggled on and off); in addition, there are well-curated photos of the
birds in various life stages. The search features are quite specific and
useful. I also have the Sibley app.

This note to the latest upgrade is typical of the iBird product's detail: "...
completely updated for the 2017 American Ornithological Union (AOU)
Supplement. There are two new species; the Cassia Crossbill and the Sinaloa
Wren. The Thayer’s Gull has been lumped as a subspecies of the Iceland
Gull. Plus there are over 100 small changes..."

Plus, it builds strength of character not using the app's birdsong feature
to torment housecats. (Or birds, for that matter--the app also includes the
ABA Disclaimer on not stressing birds under observation, which should be
common sense--right under the recordings.)

Margaretta Yarborough
Orange County, NC

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Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 13:53:27 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Bird apps
Merlin is a great, free app. You just have to download the bird packs for
the various regions of the world. And now that Audubon has filled their app
up with so many bells & whistles, so that you can’t access a bird’s song or
description quickly, Merlin is much better. IBird is nice, but it costs &
doesn’t tell you where the songs are from, so they can be “off”,


On Sunday, April 1, 2018, 3:19 PM, Isabel Reddy <carolinabirds...>


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bird ID app?

I liked the Nat’l Geo one, but w the upgrades I can no longer use it and I
haven’t found a new version of it.

Thank you,

Isabel Reddy
Chapel Hill

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