Date: 4/2/18 2:48 pm
From: Jim Berry <jim.berry3...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Argilla-Northgate-Essex Rd. Fields Complex and Hamlin Res., Ipswich, Apr 2, 2018
Argilla-Northgate-Essex Rd. Fields Complex, Ipswich

Apr 2, 2018 1:15 PM - 2:25 PM
Protocol: Traveling
1.0 mile(s)
Comments: I met up with other birders on Northgate Rd. today (number variable) and together we had some great highlights.
11 species

Snow Goose 44 Including 12 blue geese. I watched the entire flock fly around a couple times (just the snows) and got a reasonably accurate count, both in the air and on the ground. (44 was the minimum number.) The vast majority were adults.
Canada Goose 230 plus
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Killdeer 9
Pectoral Sandpiper 1 Beautiful bird with heavy streaking down the breast that was cut off sharply halfway down. Medium sized bill, greenish-yellow legs. A little smaller than the killdeer. These birds are uncommon in the county the first 2 weeks of April.
Wilson's Snipe 5 all shorebirds in mud puddle about equidistant from Essex and Argilla Roads
American Crow 6
American Robin 5
European Starling 400
Eastern Meadowlark 4 all together in grass behind mud puddle
Red-winged Blackbird 50

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Hamlin Reservation, Ipswich
Apr 2, 2018 2:25 PM - 3:10 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.1 mile(s)
Comments: I went here to look for snowy egrets and found some. Be aware that the bridge to the island is out and the trail roped off. I have no clue when the Trustees will fix it.
13 species

Mallard 1
American Black Duck 20
Green-winged Teal (American) 19
Great Egret 12 exact count
Snowy Egret 15 Yellow feet seen when flock flew against dark background. This bird is not rare now--it becomes uncommon the last week of March in Essex County.
Mourning Dove 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1
Blue Jay 1
American Crow 4
American Robin 1
Song Sparrow 3
Red-winged Blackbird 5
House Finch 1

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Then at Shea's on the Ipswich-Essex line I found 4 more great egrets and 2 greater yellowlegs.

Jim Berry, Ipswich

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