Date: 4/2/18 7:34 am
From: Marshall Iliff <miliff...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Use BirdCast to plan your birding

It is very exciting to be able to announce two great new features on
BirdCast this spring.

1) Live migration maps updated every 10 minutes which show the migration
underway, moment-by-moment. This is particularly interesting at night and
may help you decide whether to go sit outside and listen to the nocturnal

2) Three-day predicted forecasts. This provides a sort of weather forecast
for bird migration and may help you decide which weekend day to hit your
favorite migration hotspot and which one to use to clean the garage...

(Caveat: remember however that birds aloft at night may or may not be a
good predictor of birds on the ground the next morning. Good migration
nights that intersect with precipitation are sure to be good, but a run of
days with lots of warblers around can change overnight if those birds
decide to migrate the night before you go looking for them!)

BirdCast has been a long-running project to use big data tools to analyze
radar data, weather data, eBird, and other information to better understand
and predict bird migration. This automation is a groundbreaking new step in
this project. We can envision a future where this output is available
worldwide and used regularly for targeted conservation measures to help
mitigate the substantial impact on bird populations from wind farms,
lighted office buildings, and other hazards.

See more here:

Thanks as always to those who use eBird to report their birds. The
information you provide continues to fuel new scientific endeavors like
this which ultimately help protect the birds we all love.


Marshall Iliff
eBird Project Leader

Marshall J. Iliff
miliff AT
Westwood, MA
eBird Project Leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Ithaca, NY

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