Date: 4/2/18 7:10 am
From: Anthony Hill <anhinga13...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Audubon Camp in Maiine opportunity
Hoping this is acceptable to post - I got no response to my request to hear from the moderator a few days ago.


An unusual scholarship opportunity is opening up at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine for the Hands-On Bird Science session, June
10-15. National Audubon will provide several 50% subsidies to individuals who would like attend this program of the "doing of ornithology" -mist
netting and bird banding, preparing bird study skins, bird censusing on a 330 acre island, and sound recordings of birds.See the program
description at the website, and then, if interested, contact Hog Island program director Eva Matthews Lark <athogisland...><mailto:<athogisland...> <mailto:<hogisland...><mailto:<hogisland...> for more information on how to apply.These scholarships are worth approximately $550 towards the full
price of $1095 for this all-inclusive 6-day program, including food, lodging, boat trips, instruction, etc.

Pete Salmansohn

National Audubon Society


Anthony Hill
S. Hadley, MA
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