Date: 4/2/18 5:51 am
From: John Weeks via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: Re: [CT Birds] How do you share eBird checklists?
I have a follow-up question about sharing checklists with the CT Bird Atlas. I regularly post my sightings to eBird and I understand how to share my lists.

What I am unsure about is whether it is appropriate to share my ENTIRE checklist with CT Bird Atlas, since many of the sightings concern birds that are not currently within their "safe dates" for breeding. Am I supposed to delete these sightings before sharing the list to the CT Bird Atlas? That would be a tedious procedure.

Can someone enlighten me? Is this actually a problem, or am I just imagining one?

John Weeks
North Granby

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> Subject: Re: [CT Birds] How do you share eBird checklists?
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> For the bird atlas I have successfully shared my list by typing in CT bird
> atlas. On the user name thing, I think it is just a person's email address
> for sharing. If the person doesn't have an email account, they get a
> message that invites them to open an account. At least this is how it
> works for me.
> Kathy Van Der Aue
> Southport, Connecticut
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