Date: 4/2/18 5:14 am
From: Pennsylvania Ornithologicial Records Committee <porcbirds...>
Subject: News from the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee
Hello Pennsylvania Birders,

An update from our state rare birds committee, the Pennsylvania
Ornithological Records Committee (PORC) :

PORC held its Annual Meeting in Mechanicsburg, PA on February 3rd 2018.
Here are some of the things that transpired:
~Annual Election~
Per current PORC Bylaws, there should be an annual election for the
following positions: Chairman and Non-voting Secretary. Voting Member terms
last three years, with re-election allowable. Elections occur at the Annual
Meeting, or when necessary.
For 2018, Holly Merker was elected as the new PORC Chair, and Ian Gardner
was re-elected as the non-voting PORC Secretary. Andy McGann and Holly
Merker were re-elected as Voting Members, with terms ending in 2021.
In January, Mike Weible’s term expired, and Mike opted not to continue a
new term due to other obligations. The Committee appreciates Mike’s time
and efforts towards PORC, 2015-17. This vacancy required an election, and
the Committee solicited nominations after the meeting, per the current PORC
bylaws. Nominations for the position were also sought from the PSO Board
in interest of more integration between PSO and PORC. After confirming the
nominees were interested, biographies were obtained, and an election held.
Greg Grove, of Huntingdon County, was chosen as our 7th voting member.

At present, the current committee members are:
Holly Merker (Chair), Ian Gardner (Non-voting Secretary), Dave DeReamus,
Mike Fialkovich, Billy Weber, Andy McGann, Greg Grove, and Devich
Please see this link for more info:

The following topics were discussed at the Annual Meeting:
• A few second-round votes on records which there was not full agreement in
the first round, were voted on, and finalized.
• A three-week deadline for voting on batches of records to speed up the
review process was implemented. A deadline of all submitted records
reviewed by June 1, 2018, therefore bringing this committee up to date.
• Changes will be made to the current PORC bylaws in order to make them
more compatible with how the committee operates with computer technology,
and a subcommittee was established to work on this task.
• The PORC website is being worked on, with a revised Review List, and
Official State List, to reflect new records, and updates to the Review
• eBird Expedited Integration: PORC is working on implementing a process
to allow for validated photo documented records, submitted to eBird, to be
automatically inherited into the PORC review process, and accepted as a
Class I- Photographic Evidence record. Criteria for this process, and a
full explanation, will be offered when the process is finalized.
• The Official State List will be updated, and published in the PSO
journal, *Pennsylvania Birds* before the end of 2018, with the website
current by 30 June of 2018. A special coding system, Codes 1-5, similar
to that used by the American Birding Association, will be added to the
Official State List.

To learn more on the PORC review process, click:

For more information on the how to submit to PORC, click:

For information on which birds PORC is interested in receiving records for,

We will continue to publish updates as we have them, and look forward to
receiving your submissions.

We also encourage any feedback you may have.

Thank you,

The Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee

The Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee
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