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Subject: Re: Bird apps
IBird Pro.

General info/graphics with field marks
Great details
Similar birds
Searches by common name, Latin name, band code (haven't had the try this)
Downloadable database for when you don't have cell or wireless
Inexpensive, I think it's now 14.99, highly rated.


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bird ID app?

I liked the Natíl Geo one, but w the upgrades I can no longer use it and I havenít found a new version of it.

Thank you,

Isabel Reddy
Chapel Hill

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Along with the usual suspects, Jane Chew and I had six Piping Plovers today on North Beach at Seabrook Island. I couldn't see that any of them were banded. We also had Wilson's Plover and eight Marbled Godwits.

Jim Edwards

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