Date: 3/31/18 5:47 pm
From: Jack Williamson <jack.williamson.jr...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] [obol] Re: Emperor Goose - Bend
Sounds like we need should be measuring the length of a vagrant's stay
rather than the date of its departure.

On that basis, the Eider would (I think) already be a continental record.

Jack Williamson
West Linn, Oregon

On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 5:28 PM, Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>

> Jack - the Emperor Goose can’t set a late record. I can think of two that
> have stayed all the next summer - one near the mouth the Sandy River
> (Multnomah County) and one in the Nehalem Meadows, (Tillamook County).
> If the Canadas are resident, I would almost expect this one to summer near
> Bend. The two summering Emperors that I recall off hand were just on their
> own all summer.
> Jeff Gilligan
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> This morning I had the good fortune to stumble upon David and Barbara
> Phillips, local birders, who had the Emperor Goose in already in their
> sights. An hour later I introduced myself to Jerry Pascoe whose home is
> adjacent to the field with the goose in it. Jerry, in turn, introduced me
> to the property owner who granted me permission to enter the property to
> take photographs of the goose.
> Eight photos here:
> The bird was in the field bordered on the north and west by Nelson and
> Dickey roads, respectively. 44.086223, -121.221100
> Wondering if the Steller's Eider or Emperor Goose is going to take the
> record for late records in the state.
> Jack Williamson
> West Linn, Oregon

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