Date: 3/31/18 4:56 am
From: Rowe, Richard A, 'Dick' via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Chincoteague Trip - Part 1
All - I just returned from a several day trip to Chincoteague. Bill Hohenstein has already posted a good account of what birds are present and where to find them. I will add that without Bill and his knowledge of where to find birds, I wouldn't have seen Nelson's Sparrow (photos of those are coming). Overall, the diversity and number of birds was low and weather was ok (very windy several of the days). Almost all of the Snow Geese had left - I saw one over-flight of about 200 SNGO that were migrating. No swans were present. Only a few species of shorebirds have arrived. For the trip, which includes stops at Kiptopeke State Park, I had about 73 species. There were large numbers of Dunlin and Northern Shovelers. A few Gadwall were present and 5-6 Piping Plovers. On Wednesday, I was seeing only 10-15 Laughing Gulls but on Thursday morning there were 1000s on Queens Sound, clearly they had come in overnight. I am just working through my photos and will be posting them
over the next few days. I have up-loaded photos of American Oystercatchers, Great Black-backed Gulls, Marbled Godwits, and a Golden-crowned Kinglet (I only saw 1).

Here's the link to my Flickr site if you are interested in seeing photos:

Dick Rowe
VMI Biology Department
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