Date: 3/30/18 7:42 pm
From: Ron Gamble <rongamble...>
Subject: [birders] tree swallows seen at Watkins Lake this evening, and one off topic item
Birded along road at Watkins Lake State Park this evening. Besides a
handful of waterfowl species, we saw four tree swallows flying above east
side of lake mostly, but they did go back and forth a bit to west
side....spotted them as we were standing on road at north end of where
roadside water ends. Too bad that weather is supposed to turn colder vs.
warmer, for the swallows' sake and people's too!

One common loon, some canvasback, hooded and common mergansers seen, and
ring-necked ducks most common there tonight of duck species. Ebird list can
be found here........

Interesting non-bird least a couple hundred large tadpoles
(either green or bull frog tadpoles) seen coming to water surface! Perhaps
to "gulp" air?; in sedges right at road edge.

And ideas or confirmation from folks about what these tadpoles were doing?
I got down on ground at road edge and caught 4 quite easily with my hand.
The soft but plentiful noise they made is what caught my attention first!

Faye Stoner/Ron Gamble

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