Date: 3/30/18 9:43 am
From: Kathleen <ktmartin...>
Subject: [COBOL] In reply to Tom Crabtree
All in all due respect, the report Elise Wolf gave about her trip to the Oregon Coast was just as welcome as when COBOL reports on their trips to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge or the Steen’s Mountain area, which, last time I checked, were not in “Central Oregon” either. And, there are a lot of folks that read the COBOL from all over Oregon. I personally find reports about other parts of Oregon very interesting as I will then know what to look for if/when I am fortunate enough to visit those other areas of our great state. Let’s not be so snobbish in requiring that only “Central Oregon” birds be talked about/reported on. That would be very dull.
Kathleen Martin
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