Date: 3/30/18 7:15 am
From: Candace Cornell <cec222...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] They're back! . . .Ospreys!
Cayuga Lake's ospreys are coming home! Two have returned to Osprey Alley
(the stretch between Rts. 90 and 89 at the Montezuma Refuge--MNWR) and the
Union Springs Water Dept.

*Please* send me an email when you first see an osprey at its nests.

Getting accurate arrival dates is important for the Finger Lakes nest
inventory and your help is essential and greatly appreciated, as there are
124 nest sites to monitor!

Ospreys at the top of the lake around MNWR and Union Springs are arriving
now. Ospreys nesting in Lansing and Ithaca will start arriving today and
over the next few days. Keep an eye on the Robert H. Treman State Marine
Park, Union Fields, and Cargill nests. Other pairs will return over the
next week. The Stewart Park pair were early arrivals last year. Male
ospreys typically return a day or so before the females. Both ospreys will
be on the Salt Point nest by April 5. I have no arrival date information
for the nests on the west side of Cayuga. I need your help!

A week or so later, a second wave of unmated, often young, ospreys will
come looking for nesting sites. I'm hoping that some of the new nesting
platforms will be used this year. (It usually takes up to five years for
nest platforms to be claimed.) There are four unused nesting platforms in
Ithaca, five in Lansing, one at Dryden Lake, and one at Taughannock Park.

Thank you for any reports you can send.

Eyes to the sky!


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