Date: 3/30/18 6:27 am
From: Lex Glover <GloverL...>
Subject: Volunteers Needed for SC Breeding Bird Survey Routes
SC Birders,
Please see email below and respond to Amy Tegeler.
Lex Glover
Lugoff, SC

Hello Bird Enthusiasts!
As SC state coordinator for the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) I'd like to send a call out to see if any of you are interested in volunteering to run one or more available BBS routes. We have several vacant routes in SC: 7 in the Southeastern coastal plain and 2 in the Piedmont. A map of available routes and information about the BBS can be found here<>.
For anyone not familiar with the BBS, each route consists of 50 three-minute stops at 0.5 mile intervals along a 24.5 mile route. All the stops are roadside. Each route is conducted once a year between mid May to late June. The survey starts 30 minutes before sunrise and is typically finished in about 4 hours. Volunteers need to be able to identify all the anticipated breeding bird species in the area by sight and sound; most birds detected will only be by their vocalizations. The BBS prefers if volunteers are willing to commit to running a route for at least 3 years when possible.
If you are interested in volunteering please provide me with the name of the route(s), a phone number, and a mailing address so the BBS can mail you the route maps.
If you have any additional questions, please let me know.
Amy Tegeler
SCDNR Bird Conservation Coordinator
SC BBS Coordinator

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