Date: 3/29/18 11:20 pm
From: Rebecca Stephens <0000041e50e1df28-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] 1. Tides, and 2. Jerseybirds posts
I was at Sandy Hook on Saturday 3/24, first time I've been there. I read about North Pond, but by the time I got up that far I was distracted by Fort McHenry, and didnt make it there. I bet the sunlight angle is better there for viewing and id'ing in the afternoon too. Oh well next time!

I use ebird too and have contributed 100 checklists, and 60 species photos, 178 species seen. Frankly yes I check the county hotspots of where I'm going and compare them before I go, but they only help a little because my ID skills arent solid and there are still alot of species I'm missing on any given day. One day I hope to be at your level!

Thank you for posting,

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