Date: 3/29/18 7:12 pm
From: GRIGGS, JERRY <griggs...>
Subject: Yard Activity, Columbia, SC
The female Rufous Hummingbird we call Haley came to the feeder several times this morning. This marks four months that she has been in our yard. We believe Haley is the same bird that spent more than four months here last winter. It was only on New Year's Day this year that we could finally see the tail feathers well enough to tell she is Rufous (and not Allen's).

She is not coming as often to the feeder recently. We have seen her feeding on the flowers of Piedmont Azalea and Buckeye. This is three days later than we saw Haley a year ago, so we are fortunate to be hosting her still. Might she take off tonight, taking advantage of the full moon? Perhaps she should wait for the line of strong storms to our west to pass by first.

A new spring arrival here this morning was Louisiana Waterthrush, singing loudly along Rawls Creek in back of our yard. A male-female pair of Wood Ducks was on the creek. Earlier this week we saw our first Brown-headed Cowbirds of the season at our feeders (a male-female pair). Our first Black-and-White Warbler of the season here worked the trees. An Eastern Phoebe is roosting atop the wind chimes on our front porch, where Phoebes have nested successfully the past two years.

Today we also got a new mammal for our yard list, when three White-tailed Deer went along the creek just over our fence. Everything seems to be on the move.

Jerry Griggs
Columbia, SC

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