Date: 3/29/18 5:00 pm
From: Fred Shaffer <glaucousgull...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Glaucous Gull at Jug Bay
I went kayaking after work today, putting into the Patuxent River at Jackson Landing (Jug Bay).  There was a large mixed-species flock of gulls out in the main part of Jug Bay, and I kayaked out to them to get a closer look.  I was excited to find a 1st cycle Glaucous Gulls with the flock.  The bird was foraging on and over the river with a large group of Ring-billed and Herring Gulls.  The flock was skittish, flushing often and flying up and down the river, but I got a few photos of the Glaucous Gull (a large, extremely bleached and pale bird) which I'll attached to my eBird report this evening.  At one point, all the gulls flushed and a bunch flew north up the river. I was unable to relocate the Glaucous Gull after this, although it did fly over my kayak before departing.  Also present were 3 Great Black-backed Gulls, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull and about 10 or 15 Laughing Gulls. I believe that the vast majority of the gull flock (including the Glaucous Gull) stayed on the Anne Arundel side of the Patuxent.  Good birding!
Fred <ShafferGlaucousGull...>, Anne Arundel

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