Date: 3/29/18 3:14 pm
From: Marge Vantassel <marvantassel...>
Subject: Waterfowl @ Crooked Creek & Parks Bend Farm pond (Armstrong County)
Rain was fairly heavy this morning and it was very misty this afternoon but
ducks were scattered all over the lake including below the campground hill,
Hancock Bend and the backwaters;;;
Among about 40-50 Common Mergansers were:
4 Redbreasted Mergansers
4 Lesser Scaup
6 American Wigeons
2-3 Gadwall
5 FOY Double crested Cormorants
1 Gull could not id -- very white could not see any gray but it was perched
on trash boom
1 Redshoulder Hawk (they are nesting again this year as are the Ravens amd

Parks Bend Farm had 4 Hooded Merganser females and
1 American Coot (FOY)

Marge Van Tassel
Armstrong County
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