Date: 3/29/18 8:59 am
From: Gerald Kruth <00000005ead0dac6-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Eastern Bluebird behavior - Clearfield County
Thanks for the nice post. It is refreshing to see the joys people can experience from nestboxing, and it provides habitat and safety to our little friends.

Wrens are always a problem. keeping most boxes away from their habitat is the best way I know to foil them.

Jerry Kruth

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From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Sent: Thu, Mar 29, 2018 8:28 am
Subject: [PABIRDS] Eastern Bluebird behavior - Clearfield County

Sorry for the late post.

On March 27, I observed a pair of bluebirds on my property checking out 4 of
the 14 bluebird boxes that I have, in a period of about 10 minutes. I
cleaned the boxes out in the middle of Feb. during the warm weather. :-)

I saw the male and female bluebirds go into and also perch on 4 different
boxes that are in the same general area. I hope they hurry up and start nest
building and fledge their young before the House Wrens come back. I have
seen the wrens destroy and remove bluebird eggs and all nesting material
from boxes, before making their own nest.

The wrens have also just built their nest on TOP of the bluebird nests. They
have done this to tree swallow nests also.

Marianne Atkinson

Near DuBois

Clearfield County
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