Date: 3/28/18 7:23 pm
From: Ram <ramkumar...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Fwd: Incredible backstory

I took
of a Bald Eagle along the banks of the Lower Mystic Lake
<> on April
15, 2017. There was a pair of eagles. The eagle in the photo is banded. I
sent over the band ID to Tom French at the Division of Fisheries and

Below is the account Tom sent over. What an incredible story!

Here is the original banding information for this bird.

Band numbers: 0709-02180, and 9/E burnt orange

Banding date and location: January 30, 2015, MA, Plymouth Co., Lakeville,
Assawompset Pond

Sex: Unknown

Note: This eagle and two others (9/C, 9/D) were found unable to fly at
Assawompset Pond after feeding on a goat placed out on the ice at a
location where road-killed deer have been traditionally (20+ years) put our
for eagles to feed on. It was not realized at the time that the goat had
been euthanized with pentobarbital. 9/E was found on January 20, 2015
completely unconsious. All three birds fully recovered and were released
back at Assawompset Pond.

Other reports of 9/E:

1. 02-08-15, Photos by Joe Howell at feeding station operated by
Davis Finch at 91 South Rd, East Kingston, Rockingham
Co., NH.

2. 02-27-15, Photos by Darlene and Tom Ellis at the same

3. 03-06-15, Photos by Dennis Skillman at the same location.

4. 03-08-15, Photos by Paul Andreottola at the same location.

5. 03-25-15, Photos by Judd Nathan at same location.

6. 04-15-17, Photos by Ram Subramanian at MA, Middlesex Co.,
Medford, Lower Mystic Lakes.


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