Date: 3/28/18 6:05 pm
From: <susan...>
Subject: Spring seems to have arrived in the Sandhills...

This morning there were multiple Black-and-white Warblers and Blue-gray
Gnatcatchers "singing" here at the farm-- and not far off in the creek
bed so was a Yellow-throated Warbler. I also had a female Common
Yellowthroat angrily chipping from a wet spot on the edge of Ft. Bragg
during our dog walk.

This evening, the first male Ruby-throateds (at least 2) showed up at
the feeders.

So I guess Spring has really sprung! Cannot wait to see what Mike
McCloy and I find around McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery tomorrow at dawn!!

As our old friend Gary Phillips would say: woo hoo!

Susan Campbell
Southern Pines, NC

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