Date: 3/28/18 4:29 pm
From: Steve Sanford <bwredbird...>
Subject: 2 Lesser-black-backed Gulls, GWF Goose Shenango Lake - Mercer Co
All I really wanted to see was a Long-tailed Duck or a Red-throated
Loon, but Mimi Hoffmaster and I had to settle for two Lesser
Black-backed Gulls and a Greater White-fronted Goose instead.
Our first LBBG was seen from Chestnut Run Swim Beach on the lake about
1/4 mile south east towards the Propagation area point. The dark-gray
back was easily distinguished with my scope (Kowa 821) and the bird was
between the Ring-bills and Herring Gulls in size.
We went on to the Propagation Ponds and down to the edge of the lake. We
looked back towards Chestnut Run, and saw what was presumably the same
LBBG at a similar distance. Then I started scanning the southeast from
the Prop point and we saw another LBBG at similar distance. Fairly
quickly we saw that the first LBBG was was still back towards Chestnut
Run. So we had 2!
In the interim we saw a Greater White-fronted Goose (medium-size;
white-front; white flank line; vertical dark bars on belly; not a giant
barnyard monsters).
There was a good assortment of expected waterfowl at the Prop ponds.
Steve Sanford

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