Date: 3/28/18 11:50 am
From: Tom Crabtree <tc...>
Subject: [COBOL] Goodies of Late
I had a kettle of 12 Turkey Vultures (or is it a network of TV's?) over the
neighborhood around 8 this morning on the south side of Awbrey Butte. Both
my Anna's Hummingbirds survived the cold and snow and are hanging out around
my feeders . The immature male's gorget is coming in and he now sports a
bright pink goatee.

From Ebird comes a report of the county's first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the
spring from Hatfield Lake. And an Osprey is cruising the Old Mill District.
The Emperor Goose hasn't been reported since the 24th. Maybe it has finally
headed north.

It is supposed to be delightfully warm the next week with highs in the 60s.
That should bring more migrants through our areas.

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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