Date: 3/27/18 8:29 pm
From: Sharon Kay <>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Some Weld and Morgan Highlights
If you would share, what is the general crossroad of WCR 59 marsh? I have
not heard of WCR 59 marsh.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 5:38:57 PM UTC-6, William Kaempfer wrote:
> Today I took the time to enjoy the mild March weather with an excursion to
> Weld County. Joined by John Vanderpoel and Cameron Boyd, we started by
> birding Glenmere Park in Greeley. Pretty normal stuff until we finally hit
> a passerine flock at the end with one each of Red- and White-breasted
> Nuthatches and a Golden=crowned Kinglet. On to the WCR 59 marsh where lots
> of ducks were evident including some stunning and recently arrived Cinnamon
> Teal. All of the shorebirds to be found were on the west side where lots
> of Killdeer were joined by a pair of Wilson’s Snipe and single Greater
> Yellowlegs and Baird’s Sandpiper. A single Ring-necked Pheasant called and
> then flushed from the marsh.
> Loloff had even more ducks, and unlike WCR 59, the focus was on divers
> with Canvasback, Redhead, Ring-necked Duck, Lesser Scaup and Ruddy Duck all
> present. The scaup were the most abundant of these, but tried as we did,
> we couldn’t call any Greater. A large flock of several hundred Cackling
> Geese was a nice contrast. Also present were another single Greater
> Yellowlegs and a pair of Great-tailed Grackles. At this point, Cameron had
> to head for home and I proposed heading on to Ft. Morgan. John took the
> bait, and we were off.
> Our hope was to visit the east side of Riverside Park to try again for
> Winter Wren. Success this time as the bird called and sang repeatedly from
> the cattails in the creek that heads west from the spot first described by
> Norm Lewis about 2 months ago—the 9th hole of the Frisbee golf course.
> As we lest the spot, John picked out a late Norther Shrike.
> Finally we stopped at Jackson Reservoir; a very full, white-capped covered
> and not particularly birdy Jackson Reservoir. The little pond opposite the
> lakeside community had a pair of Horned Grebes, one already molted into
> alternate plumage and we found both Eastern (2) and Mountain (3) Bluebirds.
> Finally, let me thank Christian for his post on Jeff Parks. Very sad
> news, and I’ll miss birding with the always enthusiastic Jeff.
> Bill Kaempfer
> Boulderr

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