Date: 3/27/18 6:23 am
From: Ricky Davis (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Buckhorn Res. Lesser Black-backed Gulls
Stopped by Buckhorn Reservoir in Wilson County at sunrise this
morning. From the boat ramp, was able to count the gulls sitting on
the water. There were two main rafts of birds with both being made up
of all Lesser Black-backeds! There were only a couple of handfuls of
Herring Gulls mixed in with them. I counted 307 Lessers and 14
Herrings. All age classes were present, and some of the adults were in
fine plumage with clean heads and bright bills. Quite a few of the
adults were very dark backed. Within thirty minutes the birds started
flying around and by 8:00 they had dispersed and only 20-30 were left
over the lake. This must have been some kind of staging before moving
on. I do not remember ever seeing anything quite like this with
Lessers. An amazing total for anywhere in NC, especially inland!

Ricky Davis
Rocky Mount, NC
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