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Hi Sandra - tide info along the Bayshore would be great info for eBird to capture. We should ask Cornell to add a field to enter that data. I am running a DVOC field trip from Heislerville to Maple Ave in May and really not sure how to time it so that the group gets to see a lot of birds. The tide apps for mobile phones don't seem to be able to capture these areas accurately. Entering in eBird would help. Birders could then compare the eBird tide report with the app to time future visits. (maybe)

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I was there 3 times today! Not much time each. What I found interesting was how different it was each time. That is what the tide does there.
I have my three reports in from there to ebird, but need to go over the comments re tide. I can't for the life of me get the tide correct.....

Of course I was hitting between and after helping show 4th graders around a marsh and woods area. They had fun! And wore me out.....

Check out Citizen's United to Protect the Maurice River and their Wild About Cumberland program for the schools.

And keep checking Maple Ave! And other areas around there.

Forsters Terns back.

Good birding all.

Sandra Keller

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