Date: 3/27/18 3:42 am
From: Dave Tucker <dhtucker...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] sightings
A deer carcass has emerged from the snowmelt on Haley Rd in Kittery and has
been attracting crows, eagles, and vultures from time to time, though most
of the times I drive by no birds are dining. Sunday I was surprised to see
a Greater Black-backed Gull chowing down while two TVs watched patiently.

Small groups of blackbirds more common every day here. Hawk sightings are
up, especially accipiters, just from driving about. Pileated woodpeckers
seem more present too, though I mostly attribute that to luck. At the
feeder, the goldfinches are starting to yellow. In damp areas the Canadas
are starting to act domestic in pairs, breaking away from the winter flocks,
and a pair of mallards in every puddle!

Dave Tucker, Kittery pt

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