Date: 3/25/18 7:57 pm
From: Ellie George <elgeorge46...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Still five snowy owls in Bridport
Late this afternoon we found 5 snowy owls still present in Bridport. A dark
owl was on a fence post NE of the intersection of Basin Harbor Rd. and
Middle Rd. A light owl was on a pole on Middle Rd. a third of a mile W of
Basin Harbor Rd. A dark owl was at the edge of a plowed corn field W of
Basin Harbor Rd. and just N of the Swinton Rd. intersection. A light owl
was on a post W of Basin Harbor Rd. just N of Crown Point Rd. Finally, a
dark owl was on top of a house on the S side of Townline Rd. between Rt. 125
and Basin Harbor Rd.

If you are a snowy owl addict like me, you might want to try to see these
owls real soon, because the south winds predicted for Tuesday may send them
on their way north. The owls were active from about 6 PM on.

We also found 3 short eared owls, one hunting on the SW corner of the
intersection of Townline Rd. and Basin Harbor Rd., and two hunting along Rt.
125 near Goose Bay Dr. The short eared owls were active at dusk.

Ellie George,

Paradox, NY
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