Date: 3/25/18 4:47 pm
From: Matthew Juskowich <0000000ca4f4ccd1-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Trumpter Swan-Westmoreland Fayette County
About 1pm this afternoon I found a Adult wild trumpeter swan at Jacob creek wetlands/Bridgeport Dam. the swan was actually resting on the Westmoreland county side as I was viewing it from the Fayette county side. Unfortunately I didn't get a Picture of it. the swan was massive. Long neck, large overall body, forehead sloped down to bill and wingspan was big. as soon as I came upon the swan resting in a grassy area along the creek it immediately got up and flew away heading north. that's also why I came to terms that it was a wild specimen due to its normal reaction when I came upon it. how to get to the spot that I saw it at is you turn onto Meadowbrook Rd which is the main entrance to Jacob creek wetlands. you can only go about maybe 50 yards til the road is roped off parkĀ  there is still parking. the weather the last 2 years did a major toll on the road so you cant drive down it til the end which ends up at the upper part of Bridgeport Dam. at the end of the road by the upper portion of the Bridgeport dam theres a muddy trail the goes alongside the Creek. take that all the way til the end and on the the other side of the creek that's where the swan was at. like I said before, the swan heading north. there is a pond off white bridge road that I checked with no luck. I also checked Mammoth Lake and again no luck. Hopefully by me getting the word out, maybe a few others will check it out and maybe with some luck see it. today in that area I had a nice group of rusty blackbirds plus they were calling!!!, a Yellow Rumped warbler,a northern mockingbird, a golden crowned kinglet and 4 drake green winged teal.
Matthew JuskowichAllegheny County
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