Date: 3/25/18 6:22 am
From: Michael Leahy <mrl706...>
Subject: Pymatuning, Crawford County
Hello All,
Yesterday I participated with Seneca Rocks Audubon from Clarion in our
annual field trip to Custards/Geneva Marsh & Pymatuning Crawford County for
spring waterfowl. We had a wonderful day with many species and good
numbers. (Complete lists will follow in another post)
We counted over 60 eagles. Several were undoubtedly recounts of flying
birds but how do you distinguish. The bird of the day though was a possible
Lesser Black-backed Gull found with several hundred Ring-bills at the
spillway. The bird was well observed by several parties and photos were
taken. I’ll post more, hopefully today after the photos are processed and
If anyone goes to the area in the next few days please keep your eyes open
for this Gull amidst the hundreds of ring-bills and Herring Gulls
frequenting the area.

Michael R Leahy
Knox, PA
*Michael R Leahy*
*Knox, PA*
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