Date: 3/24/18 1:13 pm
From: Steve Sanford <bwredbird...>
Subject: Lesser Black-backed Gull continues, Shenango Lake (Mercer Co)
Three others and I saw the LBB Gull today from the Clark area next to
Tara restaurant (Rt 258 on the south side of Shenango Lake). The gull
was somewhat closer than the other day. Kim Springer and Mimi Hoffmaster
should have some photos on eBird soon. We saw it from 10:00 to 11:30 AM,
and again at about 2:00 PM. The intermediate size between Ring-billed
and Herring Gulls was clear. I brought up the issue of Slaty-backed Gull
and Kim brought that up on her handy smart-phone guide and it said they
had pink legs. Fortunately Kim remembered seeing it raise its foot to
scratch itself  and it was yellow.
 In the meantime I was at the east end of Golden Run around 1:40 PM and
the LBB Gull (or another?) was there showing similar characteristics
even closer. This time I could clearly see some weak brown streaks down
the nape of the neck, which reinforces Lesser Black-backed over Greater.
It quickly flew off with most of the other gulls by 1:45. So it could
well have been the same bird at Clark since the distance is about 2
miles. I also could make out the brown streaks there.
We failed to see any Red-throated Loons but we saw 7 Common Loons at
Golden Run (2 by myself). The bulk of the ducks were Red-breasted (~150)
and Common Mergansers (~50). Also 10 Redheads.
Steve Sanford
Sharon PA

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