Date: 3/24/18 7:21 am
From: Eduardo del Solar <delsolar...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Birding coastal Peru, images
This winter I had the pleasure of visiting Paracas National Reserve, an area of my native Peru I came to know first as a child. It blew my socks then, but the changes in the last 10 years are unbelievable if you are a birder/photographer. Since 2006 new conservation legislation that protects this reserve by placing limits to commercial fishing has given a rebirth of marine and bird wildlife. Species that were almost close to extinction in this area are starting to come back. To those planning to do a trip to coastal Peru, I suggest you include a visit to this national reserve, including adjacent Ballestas Islands, a close visit by power boat. It would be arrogant for me to say that the images I am sharing can capture all the beauty of this desert and it’s bay, but hope you like the birdscapes I have selected in my 5 day shoot as representative of what you would see in this wildlife reserve. You can click on the image of this Guanay Cormorant, to see my Paracas images.

Eduardo del Solar

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