Date: 3/24/18 12:58 am
From: michelep <michelep...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Fwd: Iceland Gull at Delta Park

-------- Original message --------From: michelep <michelep...> Date: 3/23/18 10:29 PM (GMT-05:00) To: <vtbird...> Subject: Iceland Gull at Delta Park

Remove SpeciesLate this afternoon at about  6:00 I saw an Iceland Gull  at Delta Park. It was a 2nd winter bird. A white-winged gull. A few inches smaller than the Herring Gulls with which it was associating. Aggressive. Chasing other gulls on the wing. Diving from 10 to 15 feet head frst into the water. I could not see what it was catching. Graceful and buoyant. Dark bill. No black in primaries. Shadowy underwing. White tail. Joined a number of other gulls in harassing a Bald Eagle. 

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