Date: 3/22/18 1:11 pm
From: John Beetham <john.beetham...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] New Brunswick Peregrine(s)
There is a local nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons, but in past years it
has nested in a different location (one that I think DEP is aware of)
further downstream. If Peregrines are nesting in downtown New Brunswick, it
would be interesting to know if these are the same birds that have nested
locally for years but changed nesting spots, if another pair replaced them
in the same territory, or if two pairs are splitting what had seemed to be
one territory. I haven't noticed any territorial skirmishes in the past
winter, for what it's worth.

John Beetham
Highland Park, NJ

On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 3:30 PM, judson hamlin <jhhamlin...> wrote:

> All winter, I have been observing a Peregrine Falcon that has been
> frequenting downtown New Brunswick (and, presuming it has been the same
> bird) the Rte. 1 bridge over the Raritan River a couple of miles
> downstream. The most common perching location is the old County
> Administration building on Paterson Street, now a semi-luxury high rise.
> Over the last week however, I have seen a second Falcon as well.
> Last week, two birds were flying and hunting over Bayard Street and RWJ
> Hospital - there are numerous Rock Pigeons and Starlings everywhere. Today,
> earlier in the day, both birds emerged from the rooftop of the old Admin
> Building and took off towards the Bayard/RWJ area. Later I observed two
> birds come off the building and head over the train tracks towards the
> apartment buildings on the corner of Easton and Somerset.
> Given the number of tall apartment buildings and food abundance, the
> environment appears to be compatible for rooftop nesting.
> So, first - any JBer's in the area should keep their eyes up when
> downtown; and would there be a way to contact DEP for them to check the
> roof for signs of nesting? The building is private but does lease several
> floor to the State and County if that matters.
> Juds0nHaml1n
> Metuchen
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