Date: 3/21/18 7:45 am
From: Andrea Bean <abean60...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Topsfield Fair Grounds Cackling Goose imposters
I'm writing this massbird post in hopes that it helps other birders like me
who struggle with identifying cackling geese. With the exception of the
cackling goose that was reported by Suzanne Sullivan, the ones that are
down there now and that have been reported from the fairgrounds are not
cackling geese but are in fact a small Canada geese. This has been
confirmed by a member of the Ebird staff who has also been kind enough to
go in to detail as to why they are not a cackling goose. I am attaching my
ebird list that has photos of the 2 small canada geese that are currently
down the fairgrounds. You can see how easily they would be confused for
cackling geese going only by body size and bill size. What I have learned
from him and my friend Lisa, and wanted to share with anyone interested, is
that there are 4 points that have to be covered and ALL of them must be
present. They are small size, and stubby bill, and different shape, and
different plumage. I also learned that it is very important to get photos
of as many angles of the goose as you can, to eliminate any doubt .
Especially if the goose you are looking at was not one already confirmed.

Anyway, here is the list if anyone is interested in looking at the cackling
geese imposters.

Andrea Bean

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