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Here are some really nice guides to birds of Europe, spanning a broad area, including Norway:

Birds of Europe 2nd Ed – Princeton Field Guides (2010):

Collins Bird Guide 2nd Ed – The Most Complete Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe (1998-2011):

Also available as an iPhone and iPad app, which is nice to have as a bird sound reference and lightweight in-pocket field guide:

Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East by Lars Jonsson (1996):

Chris T-H

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Hello Judie

If you are unsuccessful in finding a bird guide for Norway it might be helpful for you to review bar codes for most every bird found in Norway. I am not sure if these bar codes are printable or not but at least you can make notes of eBird sightings for the month of June for each species.

Go to Google, enter eBird, once in click on Explore, then Explore a Region. Now enter Norway in County, State, Province. Click on Norway (NO), then look under Overviews and click on Illustrated Checklist the extreme right hand column. What should now appear on your screen are eBird sightings for each month for all species reported to eBird.

Good luck and have fun enjoying the birds of Norway.

Best wishes


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I am going to Norway in June and am looking for a field guide for the area. I have been unable to locate one online and Barnes and Noble was not able to help. Does anyone have one I could buy or borrow? Thank you <jfarress...>


Judie Farress
Greece, NY 14616

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