Date: 3/13/18 1:07 pm
From: George W Gove <gwgove...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Ravens vs Gulls...
Yesterday, March 12, 2018, we were near the Power Plant at the Cape Cod
Canal. Someone had thrown some large pieces of bread on the sidewalk and
there were gulls trying to get a bite. There were also two Ravens trying
mostly successfully. The Ravens appeared larger than the Herring Gulls
and were very aggressive toward the gulls dominating the stealing of
bread. One Raven picked up a large piece (looked like a sub roll) and
flew off with it in its bill. While in flight, the Raven transferred
that roll from its bill to it talons after taking a big bite. At that
point, a Herring Gull attacked and the Raven dropped the roll but went
back to the sidewalk to get another pushing all the gulls out of the way

I was impressed by the size of the Ravens relative to the Herring Gulls.
Altho Sibley gives length of Herring Gull as 25" and weight 1150g and
Ravens as 24" and 1200g, the Ravens appeared much heftier and larger
than the gulls to me.

Did not see the alleged King Eider from the Sandwich side but there was
a large concentration of eider and three species of scoter just off the
beach there.

George Gove & Judy Gordon

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