Date: 3/13/18 10:59 am
From: Tori Morgan <toripony...>
Subject: [Umpqua Birds] Re: Ruby-crowned kinglet and Rufous hummingbird
I'm still looking for my first Rufous, too, but my neighbor over the
ridge and a friend in Eugene both had one arrive yesterday.¬ They
both say it's about average, though, like me, have had them arrive up
to 2 weeks earlier in the recent past.¬ They've been arriving at my
place later every year since 2015.¬ Maybe today will be the day.

Tori Morgan

in the woods near Cottage Grove at 1050 ft.

On 3/12/2018 1:16 PM, Stacy Burleigh wrote:

Every winter I really enjoy the antics of my resident Ruby-crowned
kinglets. They definitely are not shy, are easily seen and heard
with their all-over-the-place fun personalites. Recently I've¬
heard some short songs going on here and there, but this morning 3
of them had full-on long songs repeated over and over. I got a
visual on one and he had his ruby crown spread up and the color
was SO very shockingly bright! (it helped that the sun was out
this morning!) It saddens me that they do not bred here.¬
On a separate species,I have not had any Rufous hummingbirds
arrive yet, a tad bit late than usual for me.Anybody else had any
come in?
Stacy BurleighMelrose1130'

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