Date: 3/13/18 10:53 am
From: Soheil Zendeh <sohzendeh...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Please be location-specific

I wrote an earlier post: "Does anyone know where Atwood Reservoir is -- as
in which state?" And I received multiple responses, some of them very
specific and helpful about that location. Thank you all.

I assure you I can use google maps same as anyone else. What I want to point
out is that we're on the internet - the world-wide web! It's helpful to know
which corner of the planet information is coming from.

Someone wrote that since the original post was on massbird, one could assume
that the location is in Massachusetts. But there have been multiple posts
over the years on massbird from all the New England states, from New York,
even one from Pennsylvania. We cannot assume that there are no other Atwood
Reservoirs in other counties or states. Never mind other countries!

My own preference, when I list a location, is to at least give the town or
city name and assume Massachusetts unless it's another state. In the case of
obscure locations such as Carver (sorry Carverites!), putting in Plymouth
County would also be useful. It could be argued that location terms like
Nahant Beach or Arlington Reservoir (which I like to report from) are also
obscure to those not familiar with the area, but at least those names
contain a recognizable town name.

Another advantage of using town names to identify a location (other than
letting people know where it is) is that it allows quick perusal of massbird
post subjects, and deletion of those not deemed geographically suitable. We
all get dozens of emails a day. Helping each other sort through these emails
by providing an informative subject line is something we could all

Thank you very much for considering my request.

Soheil Zendeh

42 Baker Ave

Lexington, MA 02421

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