Date: 3/13/18 9:43 am
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: How To Make Corn Meal in a Blender
If you want to start serving healthier suet, make your cornmeal in a

How To Make Corn Meal in a Blender. Instead of buying cornmeal from the
store, you can make your own in a blender.  This cornmeal is used in a
suet mix for feeding wild birds.  In video, cracked corn is blended into
cornmeal.  You could also start with whole kernel corn.  Cracked corn is
whole corn that has been chopped. It is full of nutrition as the germ
hasn't been removed from the kernel like it has in cornmeal bought at
the grocery store.  The germ is removed to extend shelf life of the
cornmeal.  Besides being healthier its also cheaper to make your own
cornmeal from cracked corn.

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