Date: 3/13/18 7:02 am
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: Homemade Suet Birds
I just saw a robin chase off a starling from my suet log.  The starling
went to another feeder and the robin chased it off again.  Don't think
I've seen that before.

I'm documenting birds seen eating my homemade suet.  If you've made this
recipe: and seen a bird not on my list,
please let me know.

This list includes birds I’ve seen in my Topeka KS yard eating homemade
suet.  I’ve supplemented the list with birds other people have seen
eating this suet along with their location.  If you have seen a bird not
on the list, please comment with species, city/state, and type of feeder.

Invasive Species
•    European Starling
•    House sparrow

•    Northern Flicker
•    Downy
•    Hairy
•    Red-bellied
•    Red-headed
•    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Small Feeder Birds
•    Black-capped chickadee
•    Tufted titmouse
•    White-breasted nuthatch
•    Carolina wren
•    Brown creeper
•    Yellow-rumped warbler
•    Ruby-crowned kinglet (Kansas)
•    Golden-crowned kinglet

Large Feeder Birds
•    Blue Jay
•    Common grackle
•    Brown thrasher
•    Mockingbird (Kansas)
•    American Robin
•    Eastern Bluebird (Kansas)
•    Cardinal
•    Mourning Dove

Native Sparrows
•    Dark-eyed Junco
•    American Tree Sparrow

Jeff Hansen

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