Date: 3/13/18 6:47 am
From: Brooke Miller <idbirds...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] Santa Clara County 2018 Cumulative Year List - February
Good morning SBB’ers!

We had 9 new birds in February, bringing the total count to 209. We are one above the average of 208 total birds, but are right at the average of 9 birds for February. The new birds for February, with rarity codes in parentheses were:

1-Feb: A Rufous Hummingbird (4) was seen by Marion Farber in an Almaden Valley yard;

3-Feb: Several Cliff Swallows (1) were seen by Jean Myers at the Bailey Road overpass of Monterey Road;

6-Feb: An Allen’s Hummingbird (3) was seen by Edward Rooks in the Cambrian neighborhood of San Jose;

8-Feb: A couple of Northern Rough-winged Swallows (2) were heard then seen above Los Capitancillos Ponds by Steve Tucker;

8-Feb: Two Red Knots (5) were found by Bob Reiling at the mouth of Stevens Creek;

13-Feb: A Black Skimmer (4) was seen by Cynthia Berg at Charleston Slough;

13-Feb: A Short-eared Owl (4) was seen by Ryan Phillips from Palm Ave. in Coyote Valley;

25-Feb: A Townsend’s Solitaire (5) was found by Sergio Perez at Henry Coe State Park; and

26-Feb: A Nashville Warbler (4) was found by Patrick Baglee at Ulistac Natural Area.

March, April, and May are traditionally months with many new birds species, with averages of 13 for March, 21 for April, and 9 for May.

My monthly reports are made up of eBird sightings, postings on SBB, and direct emails. You can find all the monthly cumulative lists on the SCVAS website at: <>

Please post all your sightings to <south-bay-birds...> <mailto:<south-bay-birds...> and/or <> .

Please contact me if you find errors or omissions, or have questions or comments.

Brooke Miller

> **Rarity Codes:
> 1 = common, always seen in habitat in season.
> 2 = fairly common, usually in habitat in season, but missed sometimes.
> 3 = uncommon, always around, but sometimes you can't find.
> 4 = rare, occurs yearly in the county, but not always in same places.
> 5 = very rare, does not occur every year.
> 6 = casual or vagrant, generally fewer than 10 records.

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