Date: 3/13/18 5:00 am
From: <susan...>
Subject: American White Pelicans yesterday

Yesterday I received news of pelicans on Lake Auman in the western part
of Moore County. The lake is in (another) gated community in the
county. By the time I got there, just after lunch, a flock of 20
American White Pelicans were trying to gain elevation (presumably to
head off to the north and west)-- but given the heavy precipitation,
they were not far above treetop level, circling overhead.

I was also pleased to find three Common Mergansers and three Horned
Grebes (2 already in breeding plumage) foraging in the middle of the

This is the second occurrence of the species here in the Sandhills: the
first being at Woodlake a few years ago.

Susan Campbell
Southern Pines, NC

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