Date: 3/12/18 8:18 pm
From: Dianne & Steve Kinder <000000023c9fba03-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Zell Evening, Linn Co. Mo.
`Had a nice evening on the west side of Pershing SP, in spite of a chilly breeze.. Flushed a total of seven American Woodcock while walking through the woods near Locust Creek. Pileated Woodpecker and Red-shouldered Hawk there also. Saw a small Heronry in a large Sycamore, but no Herons on the nests today.  Walked on down to the Wet Praire area and Found three Long-eared Owls again, but in a different place. Back up to the west Zell tract where I observed several Northern Harriers and two Short-eared Owls. Had Ducks, Geese, Pelicans, and Great Blue Herons fly over while watching from the Levee. Couple Bald Eagles farther south, then kettle of 35 Turkey Vultures swirling up over the Red Barn on top of the hill. A few American Tree Sparrows still around. .  Surprising given the coolness, were thousands of spider threads streaming in the wind from the weeds!
Had seen 40+ Canvasbacks, plus bunch of other Ducks on a pond on the way over.
Was after 8 p.m. by the time I got home due to the darn Daylight Savings Time!

Later,Steve <Kinderdmkinder...>

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