Date: 3/12/18 6:30 pm
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Re: The Mystery Of the Golden-winged warblers decline
Many cities have "sister" cities
( For example, Hot
Springs, AR sister city is Hanamaki, Japan.

This Golden-winged Warbler finding may provide an opportunity to establish
"sister"--or perhaps "mother"--avifauna habitats, regions, or some such
rational connection. This could be accomplished by adding another program.

Preservation / conservation of important habitats would be the initial goal
and would serve to collect and distribute funds for associated projects.
Benefits would be protection of biologically-important places. (Is this a
"Nature Conservancy" job?)

Anyone think we can lead here?

Jeff Short

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Subject: Re: The Mystery Of the Golden-winged warblers decline

Thank you. You have warned us before about the impacts of our demand for
meat on the world and its habitat and wildlife before. This was also
identified in the 70s when people had more environmental conscience than
they do now. The current demise of all species that are not human will
continue and with only 1% of the population committed to making a difference
things do not look hopeful.


Venezuela is described in Jerry's article as a primary site of the
> habitat degradation causing the decline of Golden-winged Warblers. The
> biggest cause of deforestation in Venezuela is cattle ranching
> In other areas of
> South and Central America, huge swaths of forest (e.g., the Amazon)
> have been, and are continuing to be, cleared for soy used globally to
> feed livestock.
> Arkansans and other Americans eat prodigious amounts of meat.� What
> we choose to consume has a direct effect on the disappearance of
> Arkansas birds.
> Janine
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