Date: 3/12/18 6:26 pm
From: ann fillippi <dmarc-noreply-modpost...> (Redacted sender acff713 for DMARC)
Subject: [texbirds] scissor tail flycatchers-Padre Island National Seashore
Today, (3/12/18) volunteers: Paul & Diane,  led a productive bird walk at Padre Island national Seashore, in spite of strong wind and 59 degree weather, from 9:30-12:15.  The highlight of the trip were 2 scissor tail flycatchers.  Leaving bird basin, after the bathrooms, on the right side of road, before the 35 mph sign, on the far side of water, these 2 birds flew up, flying to the highest tree, amid the black bushes on the horizon, past the mph sign. After good bino views, they flew past the bush/tree line.  Shortly after they were relocated on the left side of the road in a low bush, about 75 feet beyond the bush/tree line, about 60 feet off the road's left shoulder.  They were first spotted at approximately 11:35 and relocated at 11:48.  They  remainded perched, affording all participants great views for at least 10 mins.  They were in place when tour continued.
Other birds were: double breasted comorant, brown pelicans, great blue heron, snowy egret, white ibis, cattle egret, mottled duck, no shoveler, bw teal, GW teal, redhead, ruddy duck, am wigeon, scaup, turley vulture, No harrier, white tailed hawk, crested caracara, (flyover) sandhill cranes, BB plover, lesser yellowlegs, willet, long billed curlew, ruddy turnstone, sanderling, dowitcher, laughing, ring billed, herring & a hybrid gull,royal, sandwich and forester terns, loggerhead shrike, barn swallows, savannah sparrows, meadowlarks & great tailed grackle.

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