Date: 3/12/18 5:52 pm
From: Donald Burns <burnsdacey...>
Subject: [obol] Hearing Loss of Bird Calls
A while back there were a series of posts about dealing with the loss of hearing of bird song and there was mention of The Songfinder that reprocessed sound above 4,000 hertz back down to lower hertz. It sounded interesting but not something additional that I want to do while birding and photographing. I mentioned the reprocessing aspect of The Songfinder to my professional hearing aide woman. I already have a second program on my Siemens hearing aides that allows me to hear higher frequencies to some extent. She was able to add to my second program a reprocessing program that compresses sound above 4,000 hertz into lower hertz. I can now hear vastly more bird songs so if people on the list already have hearing aides they might want to ask their hearing professional about it. I apologize if this has already been raised as I did not follow all of the numerous posts that followed the initial posts post about hearing loss and The Songfinder.POST: Send your post to <obol...>
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