Date: 3/12/18 5:44 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Wetzel, Marshall, and Monongalia Counties--Purple Finches, Harrier, Towhees
With this morning's light snow moving from west to east, I headed west
after it tapered off mid-morning. Highlights:

Monongahela River at mouth of Dents Run, Monongalia County:

Ring-billed Gull--28
Lesser Scaup--3

Fishing Creek about 0.5 mile east of New Martinsville, Wetzel County:

Common Merganser--2

Hannibal Lock and Dam, Wetzel County:

Canada Goose--23
No other ducks
Ring-billed Gull--1
American Robin--23

Lewis Wetzel Park, Wetzel County:

Canada Goose--2
American Robin-19
White-throated Sparrow--1
Eastern Towhee--1

Proctor, Wetzel County:

Canada Goose--29
Hooded Merganser--2

Natrium wetlands, Marshall County:

Canada Goose--93
Great Blue Heron--1

Grand Vue Park, Moundsville, Marshall County:

Cooper's Hawk--1
Eastern Bluebird--2
Dark-eyed Junco--2
Eastern Towhee--2
Purple Finch--2
American Goldfinch--20

Sugar Grove Road from Zoar Church parking lot, Monongalia County just
before dusk. I was hoping for a Short-eared owl, but no luck:

Canada Goose--7
Wild Turkey--38
Northern Harrier--1 male
Red-tailed Hawk--2
American Kestrel--2
Red-winged Blackbird--10

Terry Bronson
Morgantown, WV
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